Can Mobile Phones Help Monitor Patient Symptoms and Progress?

Smart Phones

Extending Our Capability Beyond Imagination

Our Mobile Phone Usage

A significant percentage of the population use their smart phone for shopping, entertainment, social interactions, organizing, researching, and of course setting up appointments with a Doctor.

For both COVID and non-COVID related conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or during post-operative care, monitoring patient symptoms and progress remotely will be a game-changer in improving patient outcomes. Can patients leverage their smartphones to communicate back their symptoms and progress in a detailed manner to the care provider non-intrusively?

Our Mobile Phone Potential

Mobile phone can extend our ability in communicating back to the care-provider in a non-intrusive manner (as opposed to calling the Doctor’s office):

  • Temperature, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, O2 saturation, etc.
  • Symptomatic changes related to cough, pain, nausea, sense of smell, etc.
  • Unusual side effects related to prescribed medication or procedure
  • Mindset factors like anxiety, stress, mood swings, etc.

Like in other areas, mobile phones will make an impact on our health in a positive way. Be it communicating back to care providers, our symptoms, or our progress and subsequently establishing a seamless communication with our health-care providers. The caregiver has the potential to proactively manage our symptoms and health. This, ultimately, will help us have better medical outcomes.