Assisting those who seek a more healthy and active life

At Lifestyle and Mindset Assist, we believe that one can achieve their life style goals and aspirations, if they put their mind to it. Be it, weight loss, or managing their diabetes, or healthy diet, etc.

While there are highly qualified specialists or top class service centers to help patients get on track related to life style goals, at Lifestyle and Mindset Assist, we believe that one of the key ingredients to success is compliance by the patients. In the beginning, patients are quite motivated to follow the recommendations, however, over time the motivation to comply falls off. This is where MotivationAssist© comes in.

Working with specialists, MotivationAssist©, will help patients maintain their motivation so that their compliance will be great – subsequently, helping patients achieve their life style goals.


To offer holistic treatment to guide and nourish patients so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle.


  • To provide patients a holistic and a long term solution
  • To provide our employees a challenging and an open work environment 
  • To provide our investors a meaningful combination of a positive impact on society and sustainable economic returns


The Team

Guru Prasad
Guru Prasad CEO
He recently has been the global head of equity derivatives technology at Barclays Investment Bank. Prior to that, Mr. Prasad was the Chief Technology Officer at UBS Investment Bank. His overall experience includes 22 years in investment bank technologies and 5 years in the space station Freedom program. Among key accomplishments, Mr. Guru has developed reusable infrastructure frameworks, Order Management and Training Systems. His current interests include artificial intelligence, Big Data and its application in the healthcare sector related to diagnostics and mind care.
Bill Dobitsch
Bill Dobitsch Marketing Director
Mr. Dobitsch has a varied career background. Among his experience he spent 15 years working at Morgan Stanley in New York City, five of them rolling out and supporting the firm's global order management system. In addition, he's been a certificated private pilot for 25 years and with Mr. Prasad, is the owner of Seamans Airport, a general aviation airport located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, USA. Along with his technical and management experience, Mr. Dobitsch brings to the table a strong commitment to making AmazingCareAssist available to those seeking to better manage their chronic illness. During his free time, he enjoys flying, sailing, boating and hiking.
Jay Rubino
Jay Rubino, RCP Business Development Manager
Over 30 years in the healthcare space. 12 years as a Respiratory Care Practitioner with a focus on Neonatal ventilation and critical care/trauma. A MedTech entrepreneur business and clinical professional successful at establishing vision, strategies, and execution in a start-up environment. Novel disruptive technology launches, branding, pioneering regions, sales, team building, and lead growth in commercial development. Successful in part with acquisitions of CryoCath Technologies by Medtronic and Topera by Abbott Labs. A summation of career accolades includes win-win partnerships with C-suite management, Key Opinion Leaders, and Centers of Excellence. Additionally, implementing innovative solutions designed to generate growth, increase revenue while improving patient’s quality of life. Personal goal: Lead and Collaborate with all stakeholders making a difference to Improve Business Growth and Patient's Quality of Life!
Tom Pressman
Tom Pressman Software Guru