Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Improve Patient Motivations?

Leveraging Mobile Technology

Two Way Communication Between Doctor and Patient

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

According to the American Psychological Association1 , Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) involves efforts to change thinking patterns. These strategies might include:

  • Learning to recognize one’s distortions in thinking that are creating problems, and then to reevaluate them in light of reality.
  • Gaining a better understanding of the behavior and motivation of others.
  • Using problem-solving skills to cope with difficult situations.
  • Learning to develop a greater sense of confidence is one’s own abilities.

Also, studies2 have shown, self-help CBT are effective as well. As lifestyle and mindset are significant factors in reducing complications related to chronic illnesses like Diabetes, CVD (Cardio Vascular Disease), or orthopedic conditions, working
towards a better lifestyle and mindset is critical. However, changing oneself is very hard and especially maintaining the change is harder.

What if the Doctor incorporates CBT techniques into the patient instructions related to lifestyle and mindset habits? Having a healthy breakfast, going for a walk regularly, speaking with a friend, or spending time on a hobby or in taking the
medications regularly.

We know that significant population interact with mobile phone on a regular basis throughout the day. Leveraging mobile phone app to regularly interact with the Doctor’s instructions related to lifestyle and mindset factors can turn out to be an effective self help Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for patients with chronic conditions. Patient’s non-judgmental reflection can provide the needed motivation from within.


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