Positive change for chronic patients

We Can Change Our Lifestyle and Mindset to Improve quality of life

Improving motivation by leveraging psychological techniques using a mobile app

Lifestyle - A way of life or style of living that includes exercise, proper nutrition, critical medication, and management of care

Mindset - An attitude, disposition, or mood; an intention or inclination toward family, friends, less stress, and control of our thought

The Impact of Lifestyle and Mindset on Outcomes

"It's a totally new mindset - I'm completely dedicated to living a new, healthy lifestyle. It's given me a whole new view on life" -- EJ Johnson

Mobile Apps Can Help Patients Reach Their Healthcare Goals

An Innovative Way to Better Health

"Making progress on longstanding challenges requires a different lens and a new approach"-- ayanna pressley (u.s. representative from ohio)

Technology Can Help Us Lead A Healthier Life

Technology Can Help Bring Positive Change

"I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act" -- Bill Gates

Stakeholder Benefits of MotivationAssist© and DoctorAssist©

Engaging patients, healthcare providers, and payers advancing telemedicine and remote healthcare. Patient-centric to improve outcomes and reduce costs for all stakeholders. The Health Care Intellytics plug-and-play AI SaaS will enhance existing tele-med platforms to provide real-time analytics to monitor patients’ progress and take timely action.