Prior to a Telemed or Office Appointment
The patient inputs their symptoms, current lifestyle and mindset information and other related data by using the DoctorAssist© app.
Doctor Review
The Doctor reviews the enhanced data which includes detailed symptoms, current lifestyle habits and mindset factors, follow ups, prior recommendations and patient progress.
Before the Appointment
Doctor Recommendations
The Doctor updates the system with his or her recommendations related to meds, additional tests, symptoms monitoring, and lifestyle & mindset aspects.
After the Appointment
Using the MotivationAssist© mobile app
The patient receives the Doctor's recommendations on meds, additional tests, symptoms monitoring and lifestyle and mindset aspects.
On a Daily or Weekly Basis
The patient inputs their symptomatic changes and reports their progress and compliance related to meds, tests, physical exercise, and nutrition, etc. by using the MotivationAssist© mobile app
Using the Mobile App
The Nurse or Office Staff
Reviews progress on a weekly or monthly basis and communicates with the patient and Doctor as needed.
Progress Review
Leverages proven psychological techniques to improve motivation and compliance so patients stay focused towards their healthcare goals.
The Patient Benefits
The Doctor receives ongoing lifestyle, mindset and symptom information from the patient, helping in decision making and increased provider efficiency and productivity.
The Provider Benefits

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